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  The #MoStopMo Halloween Screen!!



Tune in to our YouTube channel to celebrate Halloween 2020, with the first films of San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area Stop Motion Artists!  From highlighting their films. to featuring them in our Podcast interviews, we're proud to feature Ri Crawford, Victoria Rose, Brett Foxwell, Korise Jubert & Refa One, as well as the award-winning first films of our #MoStopMo crew, Nia Zaini, Fu Yang, Zaldy Dingle and David Rocco Facchini!  

PROGRAM: (Total Running Time: 1:09:01)

WELCOME by Mr. Ravioli @ 0:00

The Cookie Cutter TRAILER (1 min) #MoStopMo @ 0:43

Merlin Jones (3 min) Zaldy Dingle @ 1:45

Goodnight Mr. Sandman (3:30 min) Nia Zaini @ 5:16

TellTale (3 min) Fu Yang @ 8:51

Vodka Monster (21 min) David Rocco Facchini @ 12:00

Dark Star Universe (4 min) Korise Jubert & Refa One @ 32:03

The Moon’s Milk (14 min) Ri Crawford @ 36:02

Fabricated (18 min) Brett Foxwell @ 49:45

FAREWELL by Mr. Ravioli @ 1:08:15