• David Rocco Facchini

Act 3 - The thrilling conclusion!

What's true in #stories is also in #life, especially towards the third Act. A lot has happened since out last post; Here's the news...

In addition to refining the story of our first production, "The Cookie Cutter", #MoStopMo has officially moved our production to Dellarocco Studios - Oakland www.dellaroccostudios.com ! The mixed use artist space at 483 25th Street will house the production 'til the end of principle photography (Dec 31st). But additionally, I'm excited to announce that, for the month of April 2020, The Art of #MoStopMo will be part of Oakland's Art Murmur The #BayArea's oldest running Arts Showcase! Our #gallery show will showcase the art of this #production all month, highlighting the production process of creating a #StopMotion #Animated #Short #Fillm ! More information is coming soon!!! DRF