• David Rocco Facchini

Crafting Short Story - TEC Guadalajara MX

I'm excited to be a Keynote Speaker on Crafting the Short Form Story at TEC Guadalajara, The Monterrey School of Architecture, Art and Design! I'll be speaking aton Friday October 31st at noon. If you're unable to attend (duh) I'll see if they'll be recording the session, and if so will post a link!

But if that weren't enough, I'm thrilled to join my creative partners Mike and Wendie Owens in Mexico as well; They've been down there all week, and have joined forces with Fraser MacLean (Author/Producer) to further develop the animated series Monkey And Car, an idea Mike Wendie and I co-created with Greg Scherrer. Exciting times!!! #WoMo #MonkeyAndCar #DellaroccoStudios#MoStopMo