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Welcome to #MoStopMo !

#MoStopMo is an aspiring 501C3, dedicated to fostering community around the first form of animation ever put to film... Stop Motion!  We cater to showcase aspiring Stop Motion Artists, however, as virtually every art form that has ever existed is used in Stop Motion Animation,  #MoStopMo welcomes in all walks of life to our growing community; Writers, Painters, Musicians, Actors, Illustrators, Sculptors, Designers, Animators and more!


Geek out with us by attending Events, Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.  And if you'd like to add to our Stop Motion community, tag your work, news, links or or any Stop Motion posts online with #MoStopMo !  If you're able to help fund our efforts, donations are welcome, via Venmo, Paypal or the good ole U.S. Mail (while we still have it!)!  




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