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#MoStopMo is dedicated to fostering community around the oldest form of animation ever put to film!  We welcome everyone from enthusiasts to industry veterans to collaborate in the art of Stop Motion Animation.  Your involvement can range from geeking out online over our industry related posts, to attending regular meetings, with opportunities of actual hands-on Stop Motion production experience!


And as virtually every art form that has ever existed is used in Stop Motion Animation, #MoStopMo invites artists in all walks of life to our growing network of Stop Motion Film Makers; painters, musicians, voice actors, illustrators, sculptors, fabricators, cinematographers, digital designers, animators and more!


Via news, lectures, activities and events with access to industry professionals, #MoStopMo offers the opportunity to learn tricks of the trade.  We focus on what it takes to become a part of the ever-evolving industry of Stop Motion Animation!


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