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Welcome to #MoStopMo !

#MoStopMo is dedicated to fostering community around the first form of animation ever put to film!  And as virtually every art form that has ever existed is used in Stop Motion Animation, #MoStopMo invites anyone in all walks of life to our growing community; Writers, painters, musicians, actors, illustrators, sculptors, designers, animators and more! Your involvement can range from geeking out with us, to attending our EVENTS, all focused on the art of Stop Motion animation, including our inaugural Stop Motion Shorts Fest, the #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Fest in Oakland CA!


For news and updates, follow us here, on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. If you'd like to add your Stop Motion contribution to the community, tag your work, or anything Stop Motion you find online with #MoStopMo !




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