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#MoStopMo is dedicated to building community around Stop Motion animation via Festivals, Screenings, Seminars, Workshops & Collaborative Projects.  To learn more, or become part of the #MoStopMo team, email us at info@mostopmo.com

#MoStopMo Team Leaders

David Rocco Facchini


A director, producer, designer & fabricator, with 20+ years of experience, David's a hands-on artist dedicated to storytelling.  With clients ranging, from NBC, Universal to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, David continually strives to create engaging innovative content for stage, screen and beyond!

David's passion for Stop Motion started as a child, making shorts and animations with his friends, but completed his first official Stop Motion film Vodka Monster in 2007. He's since founded #MoStopMo to foster the community around the very first form of animation ever put to film! 

Website: Dellaroccostudios.com

LinkedIn: David Rocco Facchini

IMDb: David Rocco Facchini


Fu Yang


A graduate from the Academy of Art University, with an MFA in Stop Motion Animation, Fu incorporates uniquely-crafted designs into her work using a combination of Stop Motion and hand-drawn animation with motion graphics. Her award-winning thesis film TellTale won Best Stop Motion Short at the Academy of Arts Annual Spring Show in 2019, and has since been screened in film festivals around the world.

Fu thrives on creating a believable world, where she can entice her audience through mood, performance, music, and lighting.

Website: fuyang.wixsite.com/fuyan

Instagram: instagram.com/cuckoostuff/


Nathania Zaini


An illustrator, fabricator & animator, Nia will always stop her motions for the sake of Stop Motion! This obsession gives voice to her otherwise hidden demeanor, and allows her the freedom to do things her way, without having to direct other human beings. Her work often examines the overlooked and mundane. She believes it is worth the hassle to capture the tiniest of precious moments, which can be seen in the festival-winning film Goodnight, Mr. Sandman, which recently opened for Phil Tippet's opus film, Mad God.


Website: nathaniazaini.com/animation

Instagram: instagram.com/nathania_z/

LinkedIn: Nathania Zaini


Zaldy Dingle


A long-time veteran of the tech industry, Zaldy left the comforts of Silicon Valley to pursue his passion for animation. A BFA in CG animation, Zaldy discovered his long for Stop Motion in an Intro to Animation class, which explored Stop Motion techniques; his final project would act as the template of a complete remake of the short; independently produced and using advanced techniques all while pursuing his CG degree. Merlin Jones: Wizard in Training won Best Stop Motion Short at the Academy of Arts University Annual Spring Show in 2018. Today, Zaldy in hard at work on a number of projects, both Stop Motion and CG

StopMo Reel: vimeo.com/267654147

Merlin Jones: vimeo.com/239408458

Blog: zaldy.com/zblog/merlin-jones/


Jordan Rose


Jordan's artistic drive started at a very young age when her fascination with film began. She originally strived to be an animator, but upon apprenticing in production classes at the Academy of Art University, She found a new and fantastic career focus as a Picture Editor; With five years of experience, she has since become proficient in Premiere, After Effects, and Maya.


A 2020 graduate with B.A. in Animation and Visual Effects, Jordan looks forward to the day when she becomes a Lead Editor in the Film Industry. 

Website: https://shashenee96.wixsite.com/jordanrose  


Brendan J. Walsh


A California native, Brendan is a freelance musician currently living in Saint Louis. From personal projects and playing in live bands to writing the theme song for Critical Role podcast Critical ReRoll, Brendan constantly seeks sonorous adventures, more recently, by providing the Score and Sound Production for Fu Yang's award-winning short film TellTale.

He balances growing his freelance experience as an avid gamer, where he's the Creator and Lead Producer of the role-playing show RP-Geeks on Twitch.

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/doctorgalactic

Twitter: twitter.com/doctorgalactic

YouTube: youtube.com/doctorgalactic

Twitch: twitch.com/doctorgalactic       

Twitch: twitch.com/therpgeeks


Richard Biethan III


Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Ricky is an Audio Engineer, Musician, Composer, and Fine Artist, with strong writing and production skills. 

A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, he enjoys all aspects of creating music as well as recording, mixing, and mastering all genres for other talented artists, most recently at NightBird Recording Studios and as a freelance audio engineer.  

He is also a fine artist in painting, sculpting, and drawing.  

LinkedIn: Richard Biethan III