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#MoStopMo is dedicated to building community around Stop Motion animation via Festivals, Screenings, Seminars, Workshops & Collaborative Projects.  To learn more, or become part of the #MoStopMo team, email us at

Festival Jurors

#MoStopMo is proud to host a Juror Panel of esteemed and Award-Winning Animation Industry Professionals for our Annual Stop Motion Shorts Festival.  Every entry in our festival receives direct feedback on their submitted Stop Motion Short from each Juror based upon their area of expertise.  

Lighting & Cinematography

Ray Gilberti

Animation Direction

Mike Owens

Animation Production 

Wendie Price Owens

Visual Development

Vincent Proce

Stop Motion Animation

Mayrení Senior Seda
Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 11.09.04 AM.png

Edwin R. Ruiz


Edwin is a Creative Producer and Founder of Mondo Machine, which specializes in film production & live-streaming events.  His unique skillset from decades of experience in IT, film production, podcasts and live streaming events provide a distinctive insight to production pipelines and data workflows for a variety of media.

Edwin takes a cinematic approach to all of his productions, be it film, promotional, educational or documentary. He is currently finishing his first comedy feature film “Phil” and is also in production on a documentary based in Colombia.

Instagram: MondoMachine
LinkedIn: Edwin R. Ruiz
IMDb: Edwin R. Ruiz


David Rocco Facchini


A director, producer, designer & fabricator, with 20+ years of experience producing for stage, screen and beyond, David's a hands-on artist dedicated to storytelling.  With clients ranging, from NBC, Universal & the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, David continually strives to create engaging innovative content for stage, screen and beyond!

David's passion for Stop Motion started in childhood, making video shorts and animations with his friends.  He completed his first official Stop Motion film Vodka Monster in 2007. He's since founded #MoStopMo to foster the community around the very first form of animation ever put to film! 

LinkedIn: David Rocco Facchini
IMDb: David Rocco Facchini

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