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On the heels of #MoStopMo’s “The Cookie Cutter” being showcase at the Cannes Film Festival in France, David, and his Festival Producer Edwin, travel to #Amsterdam to tour 5AM Studios, and chat in-person with its founder Jeroen Zijlstra, about to embark on their newest short film.  The three discuss the production of his most recent #Animated #Film, participation in the #Children’s #Album #WORDS; a collaboration of 25 animators across 6 countries, and what it’s like to run a studio.

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Dino Stamatopoulos!

Danny Weinkauf
& Mike Owens!

The Cookie Cutter
at Cannes 2022

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David, Fu, Nia & Zaldy
of #MoStopMo!

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Samah and EunBi
of Madina Papel!


Mike & Wendie Owens
of WoMo Studio!

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Bret Foxwell!


Lisa Barcy!

Korise Jubert & Refa 1
of Dark Star Universe!

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Ri Crawford!

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Terry Ibele!

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Victoria Rose!

The Cookie Cutter Crew!