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Dedicated to building community around the first form of animation ever put to film!  Check out our  Podcast interviews on our YouTube Channel

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In this episode, David heads To his hometown of Chicago Illinois for an in-person interview with award-winning  #ConceptArtist and #AnimationDirector #VincentProce. David and Vince, who have known each other for over 20 years through the Chicago animation scene, meet up in Vince’s home studio to chat about all things #storytelling; including Vince’s creative process, and the status of creating Concept Art in the era of #A.I.  Vince, a #MoStopMo Juror for the past three years, is best known for his illustrations in the game, #MagictheGathering, as Concept Artist for the #Oscar winning film #TheShapeofWater, and more recent work on #IT2, #Smile, #TheBoys  and #GuillermoDelToro ’s #CabinetofCuriosities! 

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#E15 Mayreni' Senior Seda P1

Dino Stamatopoulos!

Danny Weinkauf
& Mike Owens!

The Cookie Cutter
at Cannes 2022!

Jeoren Zijlstra of
5 AM Studios!

Mayreni' Senior Seda
(Part 1)!

#16 Mayreni' Senior Seda P2

Mayreni' Senior Seda
(Part 2)!

MSM IG V Proce.jpg

Vincent Proce!


David, Fu, Nia & Zaldy
of #MoStopMo!

MSM E6_Madina_Papel.jpg

Samah and EunBi
of Madina Papel!


Mike & Wendie Owens
of WoMo Studio!

MSM IG E6 Brett Foxwell.jpg

Bret Foxwell!


Lisa Barcy!

Korise Jubert & Refa 1
of Dark Star Universe!

MSM E5_Ri_Crawford.jpg

Ri Crawford!

MSM IG Tery Ibele.jpg

Terry Ibele!

MSM IG V Rose.jpg
MSM IG Thumbs.jpg

Victoria Rose!

The Cookie Cutter Crew!

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