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#MoStopMo hosts Talks and Workshops - both in-person and online - that impart the techniques of Storytelling for both

Stop Motion, and Film Making.  For more information email:

Event Highlights 

David Rocco Facchini talks about Storytelling and Production Based Training at TEC De Monterrey, Guadalajara Mexico
Production Based Training event, hosted by WoMo Studio and #MoStopMo, in cooperation with Frasier MacLean and Andres Palma of Escena, Mexico City, MX.
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#MoStopMo Fest Poster 2022
#MoStopMo 2021 Fest Poster

The #MoStopMo 2021 Online Shorts Festival

Total Time: 2:49:11

#MoStopMo 2020 Fest Poster

The #MoStopMo 2020 Online Shorts Festival

Total Time: 3:11:27

#MoStopMo 2020 Halloween Screen Poster

  The #MoStopMo 2020

Halloween Screen

Total Time: 1:09:01

The #MoStopMo 2022 Online Shorts Festival

Total Time: 2:00:55

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