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What makes #MoStopMo stand out from every other festival?

Every submission to The #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Festival receives individual feedback from our Juror Panel of acclaimed and award-winning Animation Industry Professionals, according to their field of expertise!

- 51 Films - 16 Countries - 

To Make Something Wonderful-poster.png

To Make Something Wonderful USA

DIRECTOR: Todd Davis 

A visually poetic manual that inspires everyone to create via the steps “gather, make, and wait”!

Harry and Mabel - A Love Story-poster.jpeg

Harry and Mabel - A Love Story  USA

DIRECTOR: Adam Kemp 

Using a recorded conversation and combining 2D animation with stop motion, this film tells a simple, yet engaging story of Mabel and Harry Caroll recalling their younger days in Dublin

Glow Again-poster.jpeg

Glow Again USA

DIRECTOR: Kylie Kinkoph 

A person walking out into the windy woods and finding a sense of reassurance and peace, in a tiny lightning bug.

The Other Side of the Door-poster.jpeg

The Other Side of the Door  URUGUAY

DIRECTORS: Florencia De León, Valentina Büchner

The Other Side of the Door follows a kid named Ale as they start questioning the meaning of life and finding ways to keep loving the little things in this world after knowing of the incoming death of a grandparent.

Roadkill Jamboree-poster.jpeg

Roadkill Jamboree USA

DIRECTOR: Meghan G Graham

An animated music video about how roads and drivers affect animals, featuring music from the ska-punk band Suburban Legends.

The Alpinist-poster.jpeg

The Alpinist  MEXICO

DIRECTOR: Karla Verónica Grijalva de la Cruz

After going through the loss of his father, The Alpinist will have to deal with letting go of what he has been carrying emotionally, during his climb up the mountain.

Swords & Ribbons (Mexico).jpeg

Swords & Ribbons  MEXICO

DIRECTOR: Yordi Romero

The Captain of a pirate ship is in for a surprise when the smallest of its members begins to loosen up and decorate the entire ship.


Frank 1.0.png

Frank 1.0  BRAZIL

DIRECTOR: Antonio Sergio Spagnol

A low-energy robot attempts to assemble a robot companion.

Tent City-poster.jpeg

Tent City  USA

DIRECTOR: Camille Angelina Romero

A poetic, observational look on homelessness and housing insecurity in our communities.

Take Care-poster.jpeg

Take Care  USA

DIRECTOR: Kaylee Anne Hatfield

A bereaved elderly man has let his life fall apart - until his deceased botanist wife reincarnates as a sickly plant. The two listen to each other’s needs and help however they can.


Embrace the Moon-poster.jpeg

Embrace the Moon  CANADA

DIRECTOR: Katrina Pleasance

The Moon Goddess falls in love with a human farmer. Even though they’re a world apart, she longs to meet her and uses her powers to bring them both together



DIRECTOR: Beatrice Jäggi

Ethel discovers boxes with glittering clothes of her late mother, who was a figure skater. In the snowy forest she searches for the idyllic pond where her mother once taught her to skate.

Inkremental Tattoo - poster.jpeg

Inkremental Tattoo  USA

DIRECTOR: Jerry Makare

A seasoned tattoo artist reflects on mistakes made while learning the trade.



Heartbeat  IRAN

DIRECTOR: Fatemeh Sadat Javadi

The story of a patient who is waiting for a heart transplant.


Tree Story - Poster.png

Tree Story  ITALY

DIRECTOR: Rita Casdia

Small clay figures come to life to embody thoughts on the origins and destiny of humans, and on life itself.



Fed  USA

DIRECTOR: Michael Bartolomeo

A talented chef meets her match when a mysteriously implacable food critic visits her restaurant.

(re)collection - Poster.jpg

(Re)collection  USA

DIRECTOR: James O'Connor

An autobiographical animation

Sun Rubber Plexus-poster.png

Sun Rubber Plexus   USA

DIRECTOR: Ariel Hulfachor

Don’t eat fruit you find in caves. You didn’t know this, but you’ll always be safe in my mind. I’ll give you everything you need with everything that dwells inside me. Lovely, glittering ear-worm, you bring such vibrancy to my thoughts.

Jelly Baby - poster.jpeg

Jelly Baby  USA

DIRECTOR: Ariel Hulfachor

A very hungry baby & her intrepid adventure downstairs to find something to eat.


Song of the Lake-poster.png

Song of the Lake  MEXICO

DIRECTORS: Carlos Sallas, Ari Navarrete, Samuel Mendez

An old fisherman plays a song at a quiet lake, his last hope to find a cure for the sickness that has befallen her granddaughter.

The Smile.png


DIRECTOR: Erik van Schaaik

When a world-famous film star is accused of eating his female co-stars, his career goes down the drain. That wipes the smile off his face!


Unravel  CANADA

DIRECTOR: Krista McCarthy

A couple considers the past and future of their relationship in this summertime pop-rock music video.


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