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With stop motion submissions received from around the globe, we're excited to announce our official selections for our 2021 Online Stop Motion Shorts Festival!   

2021 Official Selections 

IG Bleu.jpg
IG Flower & 2 Chicks.jpg
IG A is for Apple.jpg
IG The Act.jpg
IG Cricket Friend.jpg
IG Bedtime Stories.jpg
IG Chicken.jpg
IG The Feast.jpg

A Crazy Life (3:24) Director: Beth Jean Olson USA


A wild ride of stop motion and animation through mixed media elements in ode to the television shows and music videos from the 1980's and 1990's.

A Flower & Two Chicks (4:44) Director: Alice Thibault France

In an egg box, two birds and a flower live together. But sharing the place is not easy for everyone...

A is for Apple (1:37) Director: Adam Mick Laughlin USA


A worm finds a city inside an apple, but must escape the fascist government drones inside.

The Act (3:21) Director: Olivia Medina, Aleyda Barrueta Mexico

A failed magician dies attempting a magic trick and is sent first to heaven, and then to hell, where he will continue to practice until he reaches success.

Anyone Can Be A Friend (2:00) Director: Jeroen Zijlstra Netherlands

2 minutes of jam-packed friendliness. Because ANYONE can be a friend! A friend of a friend. Your noisy neighbor. Heck, even your barista!

Bedtime Stories (7:26) Director: Francesca Nobili USA


Every night, Hannah's husband tells her a bedtime story, one memory at a time.

Chicken (4:44) Director: Sydney Mills USA

A young woman's struggle with picky eating begins to manifest itself...

The Feast (12:00) Director: Zeb Blair USA

In the tiny village of Chowtown, the biggest is the best - therefore, the person who eats the most is elected to rule over the rest! It’s a flawless system until a stranger introduces a brand new innovation to the world - cannibalism.

IG Hypno Tiddo.jpg

Hypno Tiddo (1:59) Director: Arianna Gheller, Matteo Burani Italy

A child and his teddy bear must defeat a frightening storm monster which threatens their serenity. It will be only with magic and the courage of the imagination that they will succeed in their intent.

IG Oldboy.jpg

Oldboy's Apples (2:36) Director: Brad Hock USA

Beyond the hedge, beneath the well, ancient spirits sing their song to reawaken the mystery of the hidden apple.

IG Paper Has Good Memory.jpg

Paper has Good Memory (3:34) Director: Alishia Yoon USA

A series of vignettes exploring the feeling of embarrassment through the lens of paper products

IG Posted No Hunting.jpg

Posted No Hunting (2:36) Director: Alisa Stern USA

When a trail cam captures a frightening encounter in the woods, the scariest part is what you don't see. 

IG Print_Edition Poster.jpg

Print Edition (3:28) Director: John Akre USA

Once upon a time, children would deliver newspapers to almost everybody's front door. This movie about my experience as a newspaper deliverer was made with rubber stamps and paint on newspaper.

IG Ruff & Buff.jpg

Ruff & Buff (2:22) Director: Mee Huh USA

A grandma, Harmony, wants to join "Doggy Beauty" dog show with her little dog, Thor. Harmony has a big dream for her little dog, Thor, but the little dog has another plan in mind. Before the big dog show Harmony and Thor are emBARK on some serious doggie training.

IG Crying Sugar.jpg

She Was Crying Sugar (3:38) Director: Tommy Simms USA

A candied couple gets into sticky situations as they embark on an adventure through a sugar-coated wonderland.

IG Squatter.jpg

Squatter (4:09) Director: Ben Gruenbaum USA

In a backroom dealing, two beings seek to understand each other's true intentions. But how deep does the truth actually lie?

IG Stop Mo.jpg

Stop, Mo! (3:32) Director: Leila Mullison USA

A shy robot puppet fails to act as the villain he was cast as. From behind the camera, the animator desperately tries to coach him through.

IG Thought Captive.jpg

Thought Captive (2:46) Dir: Charlotte Mermoud, Kyle Day Switzerland

In an apartment on a busy street, a dark-eyed man walks in circles, overwhelmed by his thoughts. An unexpected visit forces him to face and react; by the band Dry Erase from Oakland & Paris.

IG Tears Dry.jpg

Tears Dry (3:57) Director: Eileen Huhn, Pierre Horn Austria

Stop motion animation music video for iNANA & the unused word about partnership and pregnancy

IG Words.jpg

Tears Dry (3:57) Director: Eileen Huhn, Pierre Horn Austria

Stop motion animation music video for iNANA & the unused word about partnership and pregnancy

IG Warmth.jpg

Warmth (2:40) Director: Nathania Zaini Indonesia

Warmth is a story about daily encounters between a passerby and a homeless person in the streets of Los Angeles. It explores the empathy and human connections that are often overlooked.

2021 Honorable Mention 

Although not selected for the screening, we thank those of you who submitted to this years fest!

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IG Dessert Atlas.jpg
IG Darkness In Daylight.jpg

Desert Atlas (1:42)

Darcy R Nicholson


Darkness in Daylight (8:00)

Bennett Paul Peel


IG To Love a Ladybug.jpg

To Love a Ladybug (0:37) Mikael Trench


IG Crimson Harpy X.jpg
IG GOTS Seed X.jpg
IG Homeward Clown X.jpg

The Crimson Harpy (5:07)

Jamieson Richards


 The Story of a  

GOTS Seed (7:00)

Dinie van den Heuvel


Homeward Clown (5:51)

Allison Power


IG The Missing Bone.jpg
IG Roniyachaav.jpg
IG Unexpected Santa X.jpg

Roniyachaav (5:20)

 Mohsen Mohammadi


The Missing Bone (1:18)

 Hogan Hiatt


The Unexpected

Santa (3:13)

Vuong Nguyen

Viet Nam

IG The Afternoon Delight.jpg

The Afternoon Delight (1:50)

TG Gainey


IG Seasons.jpg
IG Atlas At Home.jpg

Seasons (1:45)

 Glen Robert Obear


Atlas at Home (0:37)

Darcy R Nicholson


IG Blood Summer.jpg
IG THe Psycho X.jpg

Blood Summer (15:00)

Megan Sass


The Psycho X (10:30)

 David Cleveland


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