#MoStopMo is committed to Stop Motion Film Making and building community. To properly honor both, we have postponed our April 4th 2020 Screening Event.  


We are fully committed to hold our in-person Screening Event when it is safe enough to do so.  We appreciate our Stop Motion community of fans and artists around the world who have supported us to keep our Fest afloat. 


Donations are welcome via Venmo and Paypal and Tickets are still Available for our eminent fest so stay connected for our new fest date, where we will honor all past and present tickets.  


In the meantime, we would like to thank all of the Stop Motion Artists listed below who have submitted to our 2020 Oakland CA Festival!  



David Rocco Facchini

#MoStopMo Festival Director


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Dark Star Universe - Resistance Hangar: Outer Rim
Director: Korise Jubert
Country: United States

Run Time: 3:50


Just beyond the large asteroid belt sits the Andaluz outpost, a floating fortress and the first line of defense of the Resistance movement during the looming uncertainty of an enemy strike.  Dark Star Universe is a project geared toward creating narratives of black self-determination for youth.

Director: Marianna Atłas
Country: Poland

Run Time: 6:45

An interpretation of the legend of Faust, based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Faust", where an alchemist trying to find a meaning of life signs a deal with the devil. Animation refers to German Expressionism movement.

Director: William Davies
Country: United Kingdom

Run Time: 11:13


It is an ordinary morning for a retired colonel and his troop of clockwork gnomes.

The Hole in the Sky

Director: John Akre
Country: United States

Run Time: 3:29


Somewhere up there is the hole in the sky. It is necessary, so that all our bad intentions can leave the earth, but we don't exactly know where it is.

Illuminated Abi

Director: Nickolas Kardos
Country: United States

Run Time: 6:40


The story of Abi, an illuminator in training learning how to make words fly off of her page. As she studies under Abbot Thomas, she goes on a self reflective, spiritual journey to discover what makes these words come to life.


Director: Mario Kreill (aka Mario Cirillo)
Country: Italy

Run Time: 4:18


It is dawn in Rome. The Tiber flows silently. From its waters Egeria is born, the nymph loved by Numa Pompilio, second king of Rome. This experimental short film was created combining Pixilation and long photo exposures.


Director: Alex Zajicek, Mike Sweetland
Country: United States

Run Time: 11:29

Everything is relative in this semi-animated dark comedy about life, time, space, humanity, and a tuba playing nordic ski jumper.

The Ephemeral Orphanage

Director: Lisa Barcy
Country: United States

Run Time: 15:00


A group of tattered paper dolls daydream alternate realities and surreptitiously explore the hidden lives of their strict and secretive caregivers. Created with found paper dolls cut from a 1920’s newspaper and found in an attic, the film explores the adults attempt to dictate what girls learn, and the children’s talent for discovering forbidden knowledge.


Director: Alice Langlois
Country: United States

Run Time: 5:57

Nestled in her cozy tree trunk home, a bird is going about her day when a wild honey bee flies into her house. The small but startling encounter unfolds into an intense, tumultuous journey of anxiety, fear, and self-acceptance.


Director: Michael Bartolomeo
Country: United States

Run Time: 8:41


In this Stop Motion / Pixilation horror short, a couple enlists the aid of a mysterious figure to help them with their seemingly insurmountable laundry problem.


Director: Stephan Leeper
Country: United States

Run Time: 6:00


A nun, four orphans and a glitchy robot on a quest for beauty. . . what could possibly go wrong?


Director: Kieran Quinn
Country: United States

Run Time: 4:44


F.L.O.O.R.B.O is a Stop Motion animated film about a small vacuum who is usurped as the head-honcho cleaner of the room by a scary high-tech state-of-the-art cleaner. When their friend's job security is threatened, the rest of the electronics band together to restore the room to its former glory.

S.O.S. - A Stop Motion Music Video

Director: Jeremy Mowery
Country: United States

Run Time: 4:51


A young punk band grapples with the decision to pursue their passion for music in order to escape the horror found within their own video game.

Yeasty Escape  Director: Karla Mellett.  Country: U.S.

Restaurant Industry  Director: Karla Mellett Country: U.S.

Billy the Elephant  Director: Michelle Morgan Country: U.S.

Titan Force  Director: Daniel Frevert