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What makes #MoStopMo stand out from every other festival?

Every submission to The #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Festival receives individual feedback from our Juror Panel of acclaimed and award-winning Animation Industry Professionals, according to their field of expertise!

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Made Home - USA.jpg

Made Home - USA
DIRECTOR: Merritt Hill
Run Time: 2:00

One of my earliest memories is that of the record player that would play music while my twin brother and I danced around the room. I always wondered where the music went next, once it left our house.

Education Equality - USA.jpg

Education Equality - USA
DIRECTOR: Sara Caldwell
Run Time: 1:43

A short stop motion animation encourages kids to support equal opportunity for all, especially in parts of the world where education is denied based on poverty, war, or discrimination. It's part of a series of stop motion PSAs on #education4girls

Dude - USA .jpeg

DUDE - Switzerland
DIRECTORS: Konstantin Rosshoff,  Tokay Yotimo,  Marco Jörger
Run Time: 5:17

Sören and Melchior got lost in the woods. While Sören desperately looks for a way out, Melchior enjoys the fresh air and the drive. At a lonely gas station, the two get into a heated argument and Melchior takes off. Left on his own, Sören drives through the increasingly surreal forest which becomes denser and denser and finally invades his mind. Through the overwhelming trip, Sören finds back to his inner self.

Sweet Mango Short-Grain Rice - USA.jpeg

Sweet Mango, Short-Grain Rice - USA
DIRECTOR: Justin Lacy
Run Time: 2:32

The Beekeeper, a bumble bee, and Hazmat are all stuck on a raft, caught in a loop. Justin Lacy's odd stop-motion music video, Sweet Mango, Short-Grain Rice, is part of a series of animations synched to his upcoming album, Carousel.

Frog in my Throat - USA.jpg

Frog In My Throat - USA
DIRECTOR: Sofia Catherine Spinelli
Run Time: 3:19

Catherine lives with an anxiety disorder that has taken on the appearance of frogs. On a bus ride Catherine meets her breaking point with a frog induced panic attack. However difficult she finally musters up the courage to reach out for help. 


Tulpa - USA.jpg

DIRECTOR: Paris Baillie
Run Time: 7:00

The Baillie family process the powers of their Tulpas. Paris Baillie materializes them in this stop-motion short.

Still Life - Chile.jpg

Still Life - Chile
DIRECTOR: Fran López
Run Time: 5:31

An abandoned house comes to life and turns into a landscape inspired by dreams and nightmares. Still Life is an animated stop-motion film that intends to portray the remembrance of a feelings. Taking the idea of trauma and childhood memories as the main theme, it constructs an autobiographical journey that invites the spectator to understand in a sensorial way.

Unsung Women - France.jpeg

Unsung Women - Ida Pfeiffer - France
DIRECTOR: Julie Gavras, Mathieu Decarli
Run Time: 3:08

Ah, the imagination of Jules Verne! Abseiling down volcanoes, going around the world in 80 days... If you look closely, don't you think there are some similarities with the adventures and writings of Ida Pfeiffer?  Part of the Unsung Women stop motion series which points out with humor the invisibility process that women have undergone through History. It's time to women the recognition they deserve!

Thou Shalt Dance - Iran.jpeg

Thou Shalt Dance - Iran
DIRECTOR: Abtin Yaghmaian
Run Time: 8:54

In a normal day a normal man finds an abnormal solution for his problem.

Hardboiled - USA.jpg

Hardboiled - USA
DIRECTOR: Peter Sluszka
Run Time: 27:38

Food and felonies are inseparable in Hardboiled, a stop-motion animated satire of the classic urban American crime drama. Gritty, noir-ish, and absurd, the story follows the exploits of tough-talking detectives Harry and Callaham (an egg and a slice of ham) as they frustrate their boss, an irascible knish, shake down a sleazy bacon pimp, and tangle with a megalomaniacal strawberry.

Cancerslug Poster - USA.jpg

Cancerslug: Blood on Satan's Claw - USA
DIRECTOR: Francesca Nobili
Run Time: 5:31

Music video

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Bad Luck Bjorn - India.jpg
Bionacle - USA.jpg
Circus of the Squares - USA.jpg
Eliminating Blue - USA.jpg
Helpful Monsters - USA.jpg
Learn From A Tutor - USA.jpg
Monsters of Mine - USA.jpeg
Piano Poster - Peru.jpeg
Pumpkins - USA.jpg
Road Trip - USA.jpg
The Ghost Under My Bed - USA.jpeg
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